Understanding And Fixing Low Self-Esteem

Having low self-esteem can negatively affect so many aspects of your life: your work, your relationships, and most importantly – your well-being. In today’s episode, we’ll get down to the roots of low self-esteem to help you understand it better. I’ll also give you a few simple pointers that can get you started on changing your mindset and gaining a more positive attitude towards yourself!

00:15 Understanding low self-esteem
00:57 Primary factor
01:56 Thought that saved Eckhart Tolle’s life
02:53 Me vs me
03:14 What our brain does
03:37 Evaluating and discerning
03:56 Pride is part of the problem
05:16 Holding onto your opinion
06:20 Take on hard things
07:06 Be aware and critical of your thinking
08:11 Don’t believe all your thoughts
09:04 The truth about you
09:45 Fix your pride, not your inadequacies

Watch and Enjoy!
Dr. Paul Jenkins