How To Calm Down When You Can’t Sleep

Can’t sleep? Then this video is for you.
0:34] Your brain exists for your self-care– that’s why you need sleep.
1:33] Your limbic system– part of your brain that detects threat.
2:27] 1st tip: Remember that it’s easier for your mind to think something than to stop it from thinking
3:50] Invite your mind in thinking of something else that’s quite boring. Like counting backward from 100 by 3s.
5:25] 2nd tips: Breath. Breathe into your nose, stretch those lungs, hold a little and exhale.
7:29] 3rd tip: Write about what worries you. Try to only worry about it on Wednesdays.

Try these 3 things to calm yourself down when you can’t sleep.
1) Let your mind think of something else that’s boring
2) Breathe mindfully
3) Start journaling on your worries.

Watch and Enjoy!
Dr. Paul Jenkins