Speed Reading Mini Course Module 3

Remember to complete a baseline test of your current reading speed and comprehension by using the pdf and learner activity from module 2 and practice calculating word counts.

Dr. Paul shares some exercises you can do to overcome the three barriers to fluent reading (fixation, regression, subvocalization.)
1. Read using your index finger as a pacer. Glide your finger smoothly across each line of the page to keep your eyes from fixating or regressing.
2. Set a timer for yourself and do 1-minute drills. For each drill, try to reach your new word count goal. If you hear yourself saying the words in your mind (subvocalizing) you aren’t going fast enough!
3. Occasionally lengthen your drill to 10 minutes and practice summarizing what you understand from the material you read (not word for word, just general ideas/concepts). Trust your brain! You are likely comprehending more than you think you are. You can also try writing down some of the main ideas from the reading after you finish. This will help your comprehension.
4. Practice reading like this for an hour every day.

You should be able to increase your reading speed by at least 3x as you implement these strategies!